riverina classic catch and release fishing competition 2021

The 2021 Riverina Classic Fishing Competition will be the 8th Annual event happening on the 12th, 13th & 14th February 2021. Due to the current climate it will be an online event, so you can fish for Murray Cod, Golden Perch and Carp anywhere in Australia and still enter the Riverina Classic.

The Riverina Classic Catch and Release Fishing Competition is a great 3 days of fishing over a weekend in February each year. As a charity event proceeds are distributed to a chosen charity each year & also used to re-stock the Murrumbidgee River with native fingerlings securing a healthy and sustainable fishing future.

As a full photo entry competition, anglers have better flexibility on fishing hours & the entry of over-sized cod can be accepted in the competition as the survival rate of catch & release fish is increased by reducing the amount of time the fish spends in captivity. ­

Riverina Classic Catch & Release Fishing Competition 2021

12th to 14th February 2021

The 8th Annual Riverina Classic Fishing Competition will be back in Darlington Point for 2021, to join in this great family fishing weekend see

catch and release fishing competition in darlington point

2021 Charity

Proceeds from the 2021 Riverina Classic will be distributed to Rural Outreach Counselling Inc.  ROC is a not for profit, community funded mental health counselling support service focusing on sufferers and their families in rural and remote Australia, starting out in the Riverina region of New South Wales.

Some funds each year are used to help re-stock the Murrumbidgee River with native fingerlings securing a healthy and sustainable fishing future.

Supported by Calo’s Riders Club

Rural Outreach Counselling (ROC) aims to significantly reduce suicide, the impact of depression and anxiety in rural families and communities throughout regional Australia. Their purpose is to reach out proactively with help and support to those who can’t, or won’t, present to a General Practitioner (GP) or existing mental health service.


Are you interested in sponsoring our next event? The Riverina Classic would not be as successful at raising money for charity each year without the help of our amazing sponsors.

Photo Rules

To improve the survival rate of fish caught in the catch & release fishing competition the Riverina Classic is a full photo competition. To find out how to take you photos we have a handy guide.


To find out what is happening for the upcoming Riverina Classic fishing competition, follow us on Facebook. It gets more active closer to the event each year.

Darlington Point APEX

Apex is a volunteer community service organisation that offers active Australians aged 18 to 45 an opportunity to learn more about themselves, gain new skills, make new friends and help those in need.

It is because of the members involved in the Darlington Point APEX club that the Riverina Classic fishing competition started as an event which has become a highlight on the Darlington Point calendar each year.

National Parks & Forestry

For any persons considering entering the Murrumbidgee Valley National Park and or Regional Park or any National Parks or Regional Parks at any time please visit the National Parks and Forestry Corporation websites for important information.

Including but not limited to Safety Information / closures and all information required before entering any National Parks and or Regional Parks at any time.

Please be advised to be very careful after rain when road services can be extremely hazardous.

Boating & Fishing

Information about boating on waterways within NSW including licences, safety and rules can be found on the Transport for NSW: Roads and Maritime website.

Recreational Fishing Information

Information about recreational fishing in Australia is on the Department of Primary Industries – Fisheries page.

To fish you need a recreational fishing License which can be purchased online or locally at the Gum View Cafe or Central Garage in Darlington Point



Lifejackets are an essential piece of equipment while fishing, there are a number of different styles available. The Transport for NSW: RMS explains the different types of life jackets here.

Please Note: Inflatable life jackets require 12 monthly checks, information about what is required in the check can be found on the Transport for NSW: Roads and Maritime website here.

Fishing Waters

The fishing waters for the Riverina Classic can be found on the map.