riverina classic catch and release fishing competition 2021

Photo Rules

Example of Correct Photo Entry

Photo Entry with Entrant Number Location and Today’s Item

Ensure to take photo of whole fish as above showing full brag mat, Close up image is to show how the entry number and item should be placed in photo.

Examples of Incorrectly Taken Photos

  1. Photo not taken over fish
2. Fish upside down on brag mat
3. Brag mat is not flat
  • Each legal or oversize native fish (e.g. Murray Cod, Golden Perch) angled must be must photographed (as per photo rules) and released as soon as possible to the water. All native fish entered must be catch and release only. Entrants found keeping entered fish will be instantly disqualified.
  • Photo must be of a live fish. Photos showing signs of mutilation, damage, excessive blood or improper handling will be deemed unfit for entry.
  • It is the entrant’s responsibility to provide their own brag mat.
  • Fish must be photographed on a brag mat of good quality with easily visible numbers.
  • Photo must be taken square on to the fish and mat.
  • Your entry tag must be placed at the top of the mat near the fishes head and clearly be able to be read in the photo.
  • The nose of the fish must be level with the zero mark on the mat or the stopper if the mat has one.
  • The dorsal fin must point to the top of the mat.
  • The brag mat must be on a flat surface with no creases.
  • The entire fish and the measuring edge of the mat must be visible in the photo with the length of the fish being clearly identified and legible.
  • Entries are judged on length. Measurements will be rounded down to the nearest centimetre. To take the lead the fish must be 1cm longer than the current leader. In the event of a tie the entry received first will be deemed the winner so if you catch a fish get that photo in ASAP.
  • Any digital manipulation of the photo will be deemed as cheating and will result in the angler being disqualified.